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A1. Advanced Fire Fighting - Introduction (Demo 2018) (NVS0111)NAFTES Group
A2. Direct – Indirect Attack (Demo 2018) (NVS0112)NAFTES Group
A3. Fire Fightring Team Structure and Organization (Demo 2018) (NVS0113)NAFTES Group
A4. Breathing Apparatus (Demo 2018) (NVS0114)NAFTES Group
A5. Flashover, Backdraft, Fire evolution in a confined space (Demo 2018) (NVS0115)NAFTES Group
A6. Thermal strain (Demo 2018) (NVS0116)NAFTES Group
A7. First Reactions in a Case of a Fire (Demo 2018) (NVS0117)NAFTES Group
A8. Ship stability (Demo 2018) (NVS0118)NAFTES Group
A9. Advanced Fire Fighting Scenarios Demonstration (Demo 2018) (NVS0119)NAFTES Group
B1. Basic Fire Fighting - Introduction (Demo 2018) (NVS0101)NAFTES Group
B2. Fundamental Theory of Fire (Demo 2018) (NVS0102)NAFTES Group
B3. Fire in a Ship Compartment (Demo 2018) (NVS0103)NAFTES Group
B4. Breathing Apparatus (Demo 2018) (NVS0104)NAFTES Group
B5. Portable Fire Extinguishing Equipment (Demo 2018) (NVS0105)NAFTES Group
B6. First Actions in Fire Fighting case (Demo 2018) (NVS0106)NAFTES Group
B7. Emergency Escape Breathing Device OCENCO M-20.2 EEBD (Demo 2018) (NVS0107)NAFTES Group
B8. Basic Fire Fighting Scenarios (EN) (Demo 2018) (NVS0108)NAFTES Group